Friday, July 10, 2009


Grab your pom-poms, air horns, and posters! The Cheering Stations have been announced.

I am getting more and more excited as the big days approach. I was pumped to find out opening ceremonies are in Framingham and now that the cheering stations have been announced, it is my guess that we will be following one of my training routes on the first day - the Boston Marathon route from Framingham to Newton! Wahoooo! The specific route is not announced but based on the cheering station locations, my guess is we will be taking Rte. 135 to Rte. 16 through Natick, Needham, and Wellesley. Even though we will hit Newton in the middle of the day on Friday, I am hoping to recruit students, Sherri and my colleagues, friends and family to head to the cheering station in my hometown!

Please visit the SPECTATOR INFORMATION page for more information.

VISIT NOW to find out how you can send mail to me and Sherri at camp. BUT HURRY because it has to be postmarked by Tuesday (7/14)!!

I will post more information soon on how you can get on an email list so that I can notify you when Sherri and I are nearing a cheering station. I will be following the strict "No Phones Allowed" rule on the route but will email from my phone at pit stops along the way to keep folks posted. This should be fun.

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