Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Gallbladder Update #2

Saw the surgeon today. I LOVE him! He is funny, animated, and here's my favorite part, he's super sarcastic! I know this might be a turn off for some - sarcasm and scalpel - but it is so up my alley! So we scheduled the surgery for later this summer and he gave me a DO NOT EAT list to keep me healthy for the walk! It's not too bad actually, considering all that I cannot eat already.

Here is what I learned today...

A. There are 3 things that have most probably led to the sick gallbladder
1. having kids
2. significant weight loss
3. significant decrease in cholesterol levels

Seriously? These are my 3 biggest accomplishments! Figures.

B. There is a possibility that some of what has been considered by my other doctors to be food allergies/intolerances (can't have gluten, soy, or milk) may have been related to the sick gallbladder and there is a chance that having it removed may help this!!!!!!! THIS would be amazing! Pack up your stones, Mr. Gallbladder! You're getting evicted and Mama's having
an ice cream...
in a cone...
with jimmies!

Did you know that jimmies have soy in them - weird huh?

Yeah, I called them jimmies. That's what they are called! I don't care if you are family. You live in New York and therefore you just don't know what you are talking about!

THESE are sprinkles...

...and they are gross.

The surgeon also removed all exercise restrictions and just told me to "listen to my body". I told him that if I had listened to my body, I would not be in this mess because I would be fat, with high cholesterol and NO kids! : )

Thanks for checking up on me and the gallbladder situation. More later...

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