Saturday, July 25, 2009


I am sitting here at camp while Sherri showers. Last night while I was making a grand spectacle of myself, she picked up my camp mail. So I am sitting on the turf field in the late afternoon sun, drinking my water and reading all your amazing cards and letters. It is so quiet and peaceful here now and the breeze is making the tents take long, deep breaths in and out like they can feel the life and hope and spirit here. To have this moment alone with your letters is making last night's ordeal a thing of the past. The letters and cards are a perfect mix of love and laughter. Each one so clearly carries your voice. There are hugs, reminders, chants, and cheers...hysterical clip art and pictures...and smiles!

Thanks everyone! I hope folks can make it out to the route tomorrow to cheer for the amazing people who will be one Day 3! The route will go from camp (Gann Academy in Waltham) into Cambridge, through Harvard and MIT, and through Boston into Southie for closing ceremonies at UMass. The theme this weekend for Teachers for Ta-Ta's has been "How do ya like them apples?". Maybe someone can forward this link to Matt Damon and he could meet us at Harvard?

Thanks again.

Hey, did I mention how impressed - am with Sherri? She looks awesome!!

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