Wednesday, April 8, 2009


So Sunday (4/5/09) was our first 3-Day event. New Balance in Burlington hosted a “kick-off”, marking the beginning of our 16 weeks of training. When you register, you get training suggestions for either a 16-week program or a 24-week program. Since I have been working so hard at the weight loss, I figured the 16-week would be fine. Also, Sherri did the 24 week last year and felt it was really long.

We met at New Balance before 8:00 am on Sunday morning and went on a 3-mile walk. I am terrible at judging numbers of people, but there were maybe 20-25 people on the first walk?? There was then a clinic about choosing the right clothes, shoes and gear, etc., then some shopping, and then another 3-mile loop. Sherri and I were two of the few who did both loops. We had been really eager to walk together, get each others pace and become familiar with how we walk. This went really well, IMHO – but you will have to read Sherri’s blog to see how she feels. : )

The two walks moved along pretty nicely which was good because walking with a large group can really slow you down. Sherri suggested that on the first day of the walk, we get there nice and early so we can get started because 2000 people crossing the start can take forever. Sherri and I are in agreement that starting out early and finishing early is the way to go. I gotta keep moving or I’m done.

So, as you can see from my last blog, I got busted trying to blog along the route. The walk leader stopped the walk…yup…the whole group of us…to give a spiel about safety and rules and blah, blah, blah. Don’t get me wrong. I think safety is good. I also understand the importance of rules. But I also enjoy breaking them from time to time, which also means that sometimes I get caught. Ha! It was actually kind of funny because Sherri, a self-proclaimed goody two-shoes from way back, was leaning over in my ear, saying something to the effect of, “You got in trouble.” It was in a very nah-nah-nah-boo-boo sort of way (yet another reason why I love Sherri). I was going to stomp on her foot but figured I would just have to walk alone if I did that. You had better hang onto your goody two-shoes, Sher, because I firmly intend on getting in more trouble before this is through. ; )

What did I learn on our kick-off walk? I learned that Sherri and I can keep the same pace and that we both dislike hills. I learned that I don’t really love my sneakers after all and that I need new ones that are good for people who have “high insteps”. I learned that you cannot use any iPods, etc. during the walk and that if you want to use a cell phone, you have to step off the route. I also learned that there are some people who wear fanny packs actually down around their fannies (that would drive me crazy). Lastly, I learned that it is a good thing that Sherri did not know me in high school. I think I either would have corrupted her entirely, or I would have launched spitballs into her big bangs. (hee hee)

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  1. Hey Big Bangs is watching you! Don't forget you can be demoted just as easily as you were promoted!
    Love ya!