Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pack Up Your Duffle...

OMG! The 3-Day is in 2 more wake ups. This week has been insane. Between work, stuff with the kids, and getting ready for the walk, blogging has been back burner these last couple of days - Sorry. Tonight, I had to pack because tomorrow night I have to prep my food. More on that tomorrow.

Packing...The 3-Day folks recommend that you pack using a duffle bag. Sherri followed directions (as usual) last year and hated it. You have to lug your crap all over the place at check in, camp, and closing ceremonies and she wished she had something with wheels. This works for me b/c I have the perfect sized suitcase with a strap on the outside for a garment bag. This is perfect for securing my sleeping bag to the outside of the suitcase (no bungee cords allowed).

We do have our own suitcases, but we sure don't travel much. In fact, if my mother had not purchased a luggage set for us as a wedding gift, we would be using my mother-in-laws vintage baby blue pleather set with the big ass press buckles. In fact the last time I was on a plane was my honeymoon eight years ago. So this is what the suitcase looked like when I pulled it out of the basement.

Embarrassing, I know. To make matters worse, while I was cleaning it off, my 3 year old says, "What's that?"
Hoping she meant the cobwebs, but knowing she meant the suitcase, I said, "It's a suitcase."
"Oh. What do you use it for?" she responded. Wow. I told you we don't travel much.

My daughter has been so excited about this 3-Day. She has expressed on many an occassion that she intends to be a cheerleader when she grows up and she has her own pink pom-poms for the cheering stations so she cannot wait. Every morning for over a week, she has woken up asking, "Is today the 3-Day Walk?" So tonight when she saw the suitcase, she realized something she had not really thought about. The tears welled up and the lip started to tremble...and then it happened. Like an air raid siren working up from a low whine to a full wail: "i don't want yOU TO GO AWAY FOR 3 DAYS!"

Oh brother. I quickly put the suitcase away, changed the subject and decided to pack after the kids were in bed. I cannot factor in the mom-guilt thing right now. I will cross that bridge of despair on Friday. Good luck, Honey!

So after the kids were asleep, I got to it. I got all of this:

Into this:

Everything is in zipper bags and then all the zipper bags are in giant zipper bags. This is because all of our gear is transported to camp and left outside. If it rains, you gotta hope you packed well. Luggage cannot weigh more than 35 lbs. I am well under and have saved room for the air mattress pump since Sherri already has the air mattress and 2 tarps (one for under and one for over the tent). I will spare you the details of what I have packed but I managed to get all my clothes, extra sneakers, flip flops, shampoo and crap, tent decorating materials, and a pillow into one small suitcase. Pretty impressive for someone who doesn't travel much!

I will also have this with me:

That little gadget on the right is a battery operated phone charger (Yes, my phone is pink...get over it). This will allow me to blog along the way. I will update folks on where we are and when so that if you are heading to a Cheering Station, you will have a better idea of when we are expected. I also have a list of people who would like text updates. If you would like to be added to this list, you can email me your mobile number.

Please remember to visit the Spectator Site. We would love to see you. And you can also read more on Sherri's blog.

More later...

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  1. I am impressed that you fit everything into that suitcase. I will see how it goes tonite. I am hoping for the best. Dorn't worry about A, she will be fine because she will get to see mommy on route, and you can give her lots of hugs.
    Can't wait for tomorrow!
    Much love roomie!