Sunday, July 26, 2009


1.5 miles to go!

Walking along the water is Southie. Feeling good. Nilda and her husband Sean are walking with us and the love is all good! More later.


Thank God for the flatness of Cambridge. It rained a little bit but it's looking good now - just overcast which is better than direct sun. We are at a pit stop on Mem Drive by MIT and the breeze coming off the Charles is super nice. I am drinking a ton and peeing every 5 blocks it seems. I don't care if that's TMI, I'm not getting dehydrated today.

The cheering station at Cambridge City Hall had a lot of folks at it which was great. The Youth Corp is so pumped at this pit stop so the spirit is good. We are grabbing snacks, water, gatorade and Sherri changed her socks. We are moving right along!

That's HIVES not gives

Hard to type when your hand looks like that.

Good morning Day 3!

Starting the day out excited, ready, and ABSOLUTELY COVERED IN GIVES! Seriously? Wish me luck. Sherri and I are just laughing at this point!