Saturday, July 25, 2009

So maybe 'fine' was the wrong word.

So despite doing everything that my 6 months of training taught me, and despite following the "eat, drink, pee" rule at all the stops. Despite ending up in the medical tent to lie down for a few and drink some more at lunch. I ended the day on Friday with a trip to the ER. "Severe Dehydration". I honestly cannot figure this out b/c I was keeping track of how many times I refilled my water pack and thought I was drinking what is recommended (around 32 oz) per hour. I think the hard part is that it was a damn monsoon and pretty chilly at times so you don't feel thirsty. Based on the amount of water and Gatorade that I had, the doctors had no real explanation except that I am run down b/c of the gallbladder, etc.

I ended up making it all the way to camp (19.7 miles) before I near passed out, which was good, I guess, that I was not on the side of the road somewhere. But that also meant that the whole scene, including the puking, was done pretty publicly. They took me away on a golf cart to the medical tent for IV fluids. It was quite a sight. Sherri was amazing. She got all the gear, set up and decorated the tent herself to try and make it nice for me when I returned. She sat with me, missing a spot in line for the showers. And she did everything to put me at ease when they decided to send me to the ER. I felt so awful leaving her there alone. She just kept reminding me that obviuosly the whole point of the event is to keep people healthy. She assured me that with her personality, she would meet people to walk with. She later had an opportunity to meet folks when she stood in the shower line for
over an hour. : (

The rockin' all volunteer medical staff were so great. They said if 2 liters of fluids did not do the trick I would need to be treated at the hospital. By the time I left the hospital after 9pm Friday night, they had given me 3.5 liters of IV fluids, some glucose, and some anti-nausea medication. Even when leaving, my blood pressure was still only 94/50. I still can't explain it. I think my body is just used to being fat and sedentary?

So when you get sent to the hospital, the 3-day staff "red cards" you. They remove your credentials from your lanyard and replace them with a red card. Despite this being consistent with my personality, it sucked! In order to get back into the event, you must be cleared by medical staff. The ER doctor and I agree that I will take Saturday off and head back to camp Saturday night with the intent of walking on Sunday.

I will take it easy today, drink up, and head to the cheering stations. I spoke with Sherri this morning. She slept well and is feeling good. She is ready to hit the road at around 6:30. I will be cheering my socks off for her today! I will also be thinking of the rest of the mylar blanketed, hobbling folks who joined me at the hospital last night. Tomorrow will be another chance.

Me lying on the ground at camp waiting for Medical Staff:

Red Carded...I cannot believe I let pictures be taken.

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