Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Wow! The feedback from my 100-pound post has been tremendous. Everyone who has seen my blog is smiling at me and hugging me and gushing all over the place. Hell, even the food schmutz left in the kitchen sink winked at me today.
(see it?)
Many of my students have shown interest, especially my freshman and other kids who didn’t know me last year. They cannot believe I used to look like my "before" picture. We have gotten some really great laughs at that picture (that’s not as terrible as it sounds). I love watching people’s eyes widen when I click on the picture and make it huge on the screen. Holy chins! Hysterical! Then there is the Facebook crew (hi everyone!). I make note in my FB status when I have updated my blog and some of you haven’t seen me in a million years so I can only imagine what that “before” picture looks like to you.

The wildest have been the reactions from the people who see me everyday. Some just cannot believe that I looked like that one year ago, which is crazy because I was that big for over 2 years. My husband was floored. I asked him how the picture could possibly be such a big surprise since we do LIVE together? He also doesn’t notice the tumbleweed sized dust bunnies rolling through the house nor the 8 month old leftovers in the fridge, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Just chalk it up to that faulty Y chromosome.

For all you husbands out there, I will at least acknowledge that wives + weight loss = complete set up. You really are screwed no matter what you say. I think I have mentioned enough here how great Tommy’s been. I can’t say too many nice things, I do have to live with him and his ego. A favorite saying of his is already, “Who’s better than me?” ... Nobody, honey, nobody. [eye roll]

So thanks again for all the positive feedback! (Sorry if Rocky is still stuck in your head.) It is so cool to have accomplished something that makes so many people smile and maybe even feel inspired. It’s warming that even people I barely know are genuinely happy for me. A lot of things are really crappy for people right now. It’s ironic that I’m the one bringing the sunshine this week, but I’ll take it! I have also learned that given the right news, almost everyone will offer up a high-five – even people you wouldn’t peg as “high-fivers”. Despite the March Madness, no one has given up a sideline fanny pat yet. A little disappointing actually.

Thanks for reading. More later…

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