Monday, March 2, 2009

I can't get up!!

Mother Nature dumped another 9-10 inches of the white stuff on us this morning. Snow Day!!! This used to mean a baseball hat and sweats for the day, but the training must go on! Like the US Postal Service, no snow is gonna keep me from that dang treadmill. In fact, the snow added quite a bit to my work out today.

First of all, the kids wanted to “help” shovel. So the workout began with the suiting up and Randy Parkerizing of the kids. This is about as easy as dressing sand. Why is it that kids think they should be as lifeless and not helpful as possible when being poured into snow clothes? So off we go to make snow angels and shovel the walk and driveway. My amazing husband joined us shortly after two mitten replacements and a tissue run. An hour later, the kids had frost bitten cheeks, snotcicles, and plenty of filthy snow in their bellies, and my hubby and I had a clear walk and driveway and defrosted cars. Between the “help” from the kids and the Framingham DPW, we definitely shoveled both the walk and the end of the driveway two, maybe three times.

So with the car freed and the kids ready for lunch, I headed to the gym. I think I was supposed to have a “rest day” after the ten miles yesterday, but I was feeling up to the challenge. Besides, I love when the gym is empty – and it was empty. There were 3 or 4 people there. One is a man whom I have watched over the last year because I would love to know his story. He has lost well over 100 pounds since I joined the gym last year and I know how much work that takes. One of the trainers speculates that he had some sort of weight loss surgery based of some things she has observed. He is still in that gym every day from what I can tell – so surgery, shmurgery – he is working really hard and that is awesome!

About 4 miles into the workout, I was greeted by the kind of back pain that either means I am 7 months pregnant, or I have shoveled too much. Thankfully, it’s just from shoveling. So I decided to cut my losses and head home. I am hurting, for sure, but it’s nothing a little rest, some pain reliever and a heating pad can’t fix. Damn New England weather!

So how do you like the new blog site? There is a ton you can do here most of which I am still learning, but I have added a “Followers” gadget over on the right. So go ahead, come follow my journey, leave a comment or two, hang out, drink the Kool-Aid! Off the make dinner.

Thanks for reading. More later…

[Oh, okay nosey! We’re having pasta and meatballs. Turkey meatballs. The kids get real pasta, but my gluten-free behind gets brown rice pasta – which really should not be allowed to be called pasta.] Peace!

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