Saturday, May 2, 2009

Tracy runs on Dunkin

I just had a terrible thought. How am I going to walk 20 miles per day without any Dunkin Donuts? I have got to talk to Sherri and find out how we can make this happen. I got up extra early this morning to walk and it's raining pretty hard. So I went to DD, got my coffee, and I am now sitting in my car waiting for the gym to open. (YMCA does not open until 7 on weekends-a pain in the butt).

In all that I have done to get healthy, the one thing I was not able to stick with was giving up the caffeine. I did at first and went a whole 6 weeks without coffee. I guess I should take the time now to publicly apologize to anyone whose head I may have inadvertently bit off during that time. Even after the initial freight train headache laden withdrawal time was up, I still could not manage the addiction and I am enjoying a turboshot-ified cup of liquid bliss right now. I know that coffee is not good for hydration and I should be drinking water, water, water but I NEED coffee.

Sherri, I can manage the 60 miles, the sleeping in a tent, and even showering in a truck. I am looking forward to the 3 days of bonding. But there must be coffee and can it please be Dunkin Donuts?

Gym's open...gotta go.

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  1. Trace,
    You know I need my hazelnut coffee too! We will absolutely stop at every DD on the route as long as you don't make me train any more hills! LOL!