Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sad News

This morning, one of Sherri and my colleagues, Bob Mitchell, passed away from an aggressive form of melanoma. I talked about Bob in my 5/3 post "A Lot to Think About".

There was so much sadness in the building today but there was even more love and laughter as his friends, students, and coworkers celebrated his life. We really have an amazing community at NNHS. Bob had decided early that he would fight this battle quietly and privately. As it progressed, he opened up to the idea of not taking it on alone. The NNHS community was there immediately. A schedule was created where faculty and staff signed up for 2 hour shifts to be by his side in the hospital. Another group signed up to create audio recordings of his friends and colleagues reading from his favorite literature. Cards and emails poured in, letting Bob know his impact and importance. Former students sent notes to let Bob know how he had and continued to be important in their lives; in their futures. Bob's legacy is in the knowledge he has given his students. Nothing can take that away.

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