Friday, May 8, 2009

No Crappy Excuses

Here, it is our job to make progress, not excuses.

My students have heard these words countless times from me; a sort of mantra, I guess. So I am going to live by my own words and despite a crappy week, I am going to meet my total miles for the week as determined by the 3-day's "Suggested 16-Week Training Schedule". However, that does not mean I am not going to kvetch about the crappiness that has kept me from a good training week.

Monday, I got stuck at work and only had time for a crappy 2 mile walk. This happens sometimes and I love my students so it is most often not a problem - but on Monday, I got held up because of crappy paperwork. Paperwork makes me cranky.
Tuesday, I managed 3 miles. Not great, but not bad.
Wednesday's training was replaced by a visit from what seemed like the entire Framingham fire and police departments (see my last post). This was the crappiest day of the week.
Thursday, continued the stomach bug which also started on Wednesday - I decided to spare you that crappiness in Wednesday's blog.
Today, I barely squeezed in another crappy 3 miles.

So, if I am going to make progress, even though I think I have plenty of legitimate excuses, I will need to get in the suggested 10 miles tomorrow and 6 on Sunday. Crap.

Tomorrow is a pretty full day. My son has baseball practice, a baseball game, and baseball team pictures. I am also chaperoning the Jr. Prom tomorrow night (what the crap was I thinking?). Therefore, I may need to switch up the days and do 6 tomorrow and 10 on Sunday. Crap.

If nothing else, this blog has helped keep me honest and accountable and I am hoping that now that I have posted this crap, I will actually follow through. If so, by the end of the weekend, I will have completed the 5th week of official training and will have walked 95.5 miles. Holy Crap!

I'll be back on Sunday with either news of my progress or some really crappy excuses.

Thanks for reading. More later...

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