Sunday, May 17, 2009


Fundraising is never easy. Asking people for money can be awkward - especially in this economy. What is most ridiculous is that it is always easier asking people to support the 7 thousand crappy things my kids have to sell for Little League, preschool, PTO, soccer, etc., than it is asking people to support me on this walk. It is obviously easier to ask people to support your kids than to ask them to support you. I need to reframe the way I think about this. This is about helping families, improving and saving lives, and curing cancer. This is only indirectly about me. That makes it a little bit easier to ask for help!

Some of you received a follow up email from me recently. I issued a challenge.

IF YOU HAVE NOT DONATED YET...there is still time. Please follow the fundraising link on the right. No donation is too small. Your support means so much to so many - especially me.

IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO DONATE AT THIS can support me in many other ways. I will keep everyone posted on how you can show your moral support by coming to a cheering station. For now, the greatest moral support comes in the form of comments on my blog. Visit often and comment to let me know you're reading.

For those of you who are still a little technophobic, TO LEAVE A COMMENT just click on # COMMENTS beneath the day's post and type your message. You do not have to sign in to leave a comment. You can use "anonymous" from the drop down menu and just include your name in the messages (or don't). You can also use "Name/URL" from the drop down menu to enter your name (you can leave URL blank).

Here is the big challenge which I am extending to every single one of you:


I challenge each of you to send out an email today to at least one person. You can copy and paste the message below. Help me raise money and awareness. It is your turn to take a stand.

Dear ,

Did you know that a woman's chance of developing invasive breast cancer at some point in her life is about 1 in 8? I know someone who is participating in the Breast Cancer 3-Day walk in July and she needs our help. She has issued me a challenge to recruit others to help in her fundraising. This is an important cause and I encourage you to visit her blog and if you can, make a tax deductible donation. You can read her story and join her in taking a stand.

Just go to:

Thank you for your help.

I am hoping that because you are not asking for yourself, but for someone else, this will be an easy thing to do. Maybe I should throw in some gift wrap or Girl Scout cookies for you if someone you recruit makes a donation. I can arrange something. Make it happen and we'll chat.

Thanks for helping! More later.

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