Monday, February 16, 2009


Sherri and I do not live close to each other. According to Google Maps, we are just over 60 miles apart. Maybe we could train by walking to each other’s house. We would have to map it carefully though, because I think you can get arrested for walking on I-95. My point is that it is going to take some effort to train together, which we are both looking forward to. I think we will eventually drive to a halfway point and walk together on weekends. I cannot wait. Sherri and I have such great laughs together. Our cries are equally as good. I called her today to admit that I am already an emotional puddle. I have cried twice reading her web page and she just put it up yesterday.

During one of those crying, bouts looking at her page, I realized that she made me the co-captain of our team, Teachers for Ta-ta’s. When we were registering I really wanted Sherri to be the team captain, not realizing we could share the title. I was glad she had promoted me. Then I received this message from the smartass: “FYI--I promoted you to co-captain, but if you act up you can be demoted just as easily. LOL.” My husband got a big kick out of this one. I wonder what I would have to do to get demoted, because the truth of the matter is that right now, Sherri and I are the only ones on our team! Ha!

Today’s training began around 6:30ish this morning. It is school vacation week so I can carve out some extra time for training. I did just over 6 miles today – woohoo! – most of it on the treadmill. As I mentioned before, I have to be kind to my knees. The treadmill is NOT particularly kind on the knees. But as I also mentioned yesterday, knee-friendly exercise sucks! “The best, low impact thing you can do is swim,” said the orthopedist with an enthusiastic smile. Seriously? Swim. Seriously? Do I look like I have time to swim? I had instant flashbacks to high school when I did like 3 months of “AM Swim” to make up PE credits so I could graduate (dumbass). Most days in high school I looked like a cross between something you might find on Revere Beach Parkway and a Whitesnake groupie. Even though I am no longer sporting the Great Wall of Bangs, my hair takes time…and product…lots of product. I am not swimming. Seriously? Bathing suit? No. I also have issues with the woman’s locker room. There is far too much nakedness for my taste…and it ain’t like a sorority movie or carnivale type nakedness. It is far more geriatric in nature. God bless ‘em. Is it like this everywhere or is it just the YMCA?

Speaking of the YMCA…many of you know that I spent my childhood summers at Camp Chickami, a YMCA camp in Wayland, MA. I was also a CIT, counselor, and even the Arts & Crafts Director (Ace!) there. Now, I am a Chickami parent. For those of you who have gone to summer camp, you know that the friendships you have with your summer friends cannot be explained – there is something really special about that bond. If you know anyone who has a connection to Chickami, you know that this bond sores into the stratosphere. So it is only right that I send out major props to MY FIRST DONOR! Perry is a current staff member extraordinaire at Camp Chickami. It is so cool that you were the first to dig deep, buddy! I am beyond honored. You rock!!!

Perry is also a freshman at BU. I don’t know about you, but I was saving my pennies for 30 packs of Keystone Light back in the day. It is crazy cool that he made a donation! Who is next?

Thanks for reading. More later...

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