Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Journey Begins!

Sherri and I registered for the 3-day today. We had confirmed with each other in January after I got the okay from the orthopedist (knee trouble) but my stomach still flipped a little as I said it out loud today. The website, the letters, finding the right picture, all made it so real - not to mention the non-refundable registration fee. But I know Sherri and Sherri knows soon as she said last year that she wanted me to walk it with her - it was on! When someone that close tells you about a life changing event and then talks about wanting to have you by her side when she does it again, believe me, it gets your behind off the couch. She knew what she was doing. Sherri has been my biggest supporter in my health quest this year and for me that is just as huge as my supporting her through her cancer battle.

There is a lot to tell. I am hoping you will let me share my story through these blogs. It is a little scary thinking about staying up on posting but I have inspiration. Steve Slotemaker, Bridget's husband, began a blog shortly after B's diagnosis last May which he still maintains. He is an amazing writer and a generous, courageous man. If he can write through the earth-shattering loss of his wife, the miracle of new life in Chloe, and the awe-inspiring wisdom of his 2 yr old, Grace, I can certainly write through this journey.

My intent is to keep you up to date with my training and fund raising and to maybe share a tale along the way. I hope you will join me.


Today I traveled 5.75 miles. I say "traveled" because it was partly on the elliptical and partly on the treadmill. Finding gym time can be hard during the week so I try to push a little further on the weekends (it's Sunday). I am still trying to reach a weight loss goal so I am using the elliptical to burn calories. It is also easier on the knees. As I get closer to the 3-day, I will increase my treadmill time and once it gets nicer out, I will hit the streets.

My knees hurt like hell. Two things have led to some knee trouble. One is the prolonged use of steroids to treat an autoimmune illness I developed after the birth of my 3 yr old daughter. That's corticosteroids, not "A-rod"-abolic steroids, just to be clear. The other factor is all the extra weight I was carrying around for years. For training, the orthopedist says to exercise and strengthen my hamstrings and to avoid running (not a problem). Since this is a 60-mile street walk, which is brutal on the knees, I will need to train carefully. I will admit, I do have actual conversations with my knees, trying to explain to them that I am finishing 3 consecutive twenty mile walks whether they are coming with me or not. I *will* crawl.

For the record, knee-friendly exercise sucks. More on that another day.

I did not mind the gym today. I think I knew I was registering for the 3-day and would be starting this blog so I felt confident and motivated. I know the accountability of this blog will help tremendously! And so begins the journey. I am excited and nervous, and grateful to be able.

Oh yeah, fund raising. I haven't raised a penny. I haven't sent anything out yet though. I am not worried because I have incredibly generous people in my life. You'll know if I am starting to get worried.

Thanks for reading. More later...

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