Saturday, February 21, 2009

More than a quarter of the way there!!!

Wow! In less than one week, YOU have put me over the 25% mark in my fundraising. Amazing. THANK YOU!

Well, it is the end of February Break and tomorrow it is back to reality. A couple of unreal things have occurred since my last post. Sherri (my teammate and fellow fundraising goddess) called me all excited the other day. She found her national campaign brochure in the mail after a phone call from a friend who walked with her last year, and not only is she in the national campaign brochure, but she is REALLY in it! It is a tri-fold type thing and when opened, the top third is a picture of Sherri and other survivors with their hands raised. It’s AWESOME! The best part is that she has on her 3-day baseball cap with a tiara on top of it. Their team name last year was Tough Warrior Princesses. Love it!

So then a day or two later, I get another excited phone call from Sherri. She makes me go to the main webpage ( and watch the slide show of pictures on the top of the page. So the last picture says, “Take the ultimate power walk” – and there she is! Second from the left! Crazy, huh? I couldn’t believe I have the honor of being teammates with an official posterchild! : )

Go check it out.

Thanks for reading. More later...

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