Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Happy News #2

My son turned seven last Friday, which was a big deal. He is one of the youngest in his class and his closest buddies have all been seven for a while. He was beginning to feel like he would never turn seven. A few weeks ago, he proclaimed that "being six is for losers!" Poor guy. Well, loser no more. He is indeed seven! And to celebrate? Miniature golf!

Sunday morning, I opened one eye and cringed as the sound of rain registered in my sleep fogged brain. All morning my husband and I pretended everything was fine as we prayed for a simple 2 hour reprieve, preferably from 1-3 pm. The buckets turned to light rain and eventually to a misting. At about noon, there was even something that resembled the sun hanging overhead. There were a number of times I can remember as a child that snow threatened to postpone my December birthday parties. That level of disappointment is not something a child should get as a birthday gift. So I decided to seize the moment to address what I had been ignoring all morning.

"Hey buddy. Look! It stopped raining!" I said with a wide eyed smile.
Running to the window, crinkling his brow, he said, "Aaawww."

What? Disappointment? Wait a minute.

Duh! He's a seven year old boy. Of course he wants to play in the rain. A chance to stomp in puddles while swinging a club and spraying anyone in the line of fire? Of course that's what he wants.

Happy News - It ended up being the best of both worlds. The real rain held off until about the 18th hole but it was still wet enough out to make it messy. A baseball hat was the remedy for my incredibly bad hair day and we only had one slip and fall - skinned elbow cured by band aid.

Thankfully, I have some great friends who are also parents of my son's friends and enough of them stayed to help out. I had not thought this part through and am eternally grateful. There was some serious cheating going on and having each group with an adult at least made it so everyone cheated equally. In case you were confused about how math works these days, anything equal to or greater than 4 is the same as 4 except when it's 3. Also, sometimes mini golf is more like hockey than golf and dragging the ball is fair as long as your groupmates are on the other side of the obstacle and cannot see you. The golf themed cupcakes were a big hit and green frosting is best when used to make a goatee while eating.

My favorite part was the t-shirts. The amazing career and tech ed teacher and staff in the graphic design department at NNHS, Tom and Jonpaul, invited my son in to make the t-shirts himself. He designed the graphic with me at home and then they took him through the process of making a silk screen (this involved a power washer - sooo cool), setting up the shirts, and applying the ink. His little sister even got to help with her shirt and one for her friend who came to the party. This opportunity to learn how shirts are made might have even made up for the shaky math used at the party.

So the party was a big success and my big guy is really growing up. Speaking of growing up, another bit of Happy News is that my son's photo is being used in Father's Day advertisements at the portrait studio we use. He looks very grown up in the picture. It's really hard to believe he was only six then. My husband and I are very proud. Both kids have had a great couple of weeks!

More Happy News to come...

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