Saturday, June 13, 2009

Happy News #1

Thank you to everyone for your kind words, prayers, and all the support you've given the NNHS community. The outpouring has truly been amazing.

Okay...this begins my series on Happy News!

I want to follow up on my May 18th post, I'm so Sick of Cancer. I am HAPPY to report that my friend Tom had very successful surgery and is cancer free. The healing process will be a bit easier, I'm sure, knowing that what lies ahead are happy days. I am sure glad you made my Happy News list, Tom.

More Happy News comes in the form of my daughter's first dance recital. As you can see, she is quite a character and the recital did not disappoint. As a rule, this child walks no where...rather, she twirls, sashays (chasses?), and boogies from place to place. Many of you have seen her YouTube numbers (#1, #2, #3) that exhibit her love of song and dance (the talent will come...she's only 3). She also does not have a shy bone in her body. Her confidence is brilliant, if not a bit frightening.

The night of the show, she came out waving like she was in a parade and then did the whole dance wearing a very serious, game day face. She was thoroughly entertaining. It was great to have all the grandparents and Auntie Kerry there. Her brother even sat still for most of the show. Like any good dance recital, we topped the night off with a trip to the ice cream parlor. Nothing can warm the heart like a chocolate covered "Rockin' Little Angel."

Another piece of Happy News is that training is going well. Sherri was sidelined a bit with plantar faciitis but the Happy News is that she found a pair of non-hideous Birkenstocks and is healing well. I told her I would carry her across the finish line if need be. Whatever it takes!

Weekend walks are getting longer and longer and I fear that there are people driving all across Framingham saying, "There is that lady again. Where the hell is she walking to?" I finally found a route I like that has sidewalks the whole way. There have been a few days where I got myself into some sidewalk trouble. When I map a route online, I try to use the "street level" function on Google Maps to see if there are sidewalks but not all streets can go to street level. My daughter has taken a couple of rides with me to see what the sidewalk situation is. My latest route has a few options, which is good. I can make it a 10, 12, 15, or 17 miler depending how far out I loop. The training has really been worthwhile because the 10 and 12 milers were starting to feel really easy. Fifteen was tough the first time - sore quads - but I did 17 today and feel great! I'm tired but not sore. Besides, I've been tired for a little over 7 years now.

Off to finish cupcakes for my son's birthday. Did I mention he's 7.

More Happy News to come...

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